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About Halo Minor


Reclaimed from the underbelly of the Minneapolis rock scene, "Halo Minor" is described as "a collection of oxidized aural fragments buried between post-grunge and alternative rock." It is "a phoenix analogy — the songs written are sonic descriptors of feelings, people and place left behind; beautiful living memories and yet, due to time, sometimes corrupted like a faded photo, beauty in a state of repose and then reborn from remembrance. Lavishly dissonant sonic drones combine and fold onto each other into a blur of harmony as raging rhythms drive through the core of it all. Taut melody and haunting emotions collide in the form of voice, guitar, bass and drums." Halo Minor's a Minneapolis, Minnesota based rock band comprised of vocalist and guitar player Blake Nolan Hanson (Floozie, Livid Lover), bassist Kerry Dalton Hanson (Black Flood Diesel, Numm, Atlas Shrugged), keyboard & vocalist Zack Jones, lead guitarist Danny Gan and drummer Devin Tomczik.

Halo Minor